Understanding Lima-VM

Lima-VM is a virtual machine manager that can be used to run Linux on macOS or other operating systems. It is often used to provide a Docker-compatible environment for development. For more details, visit the Lima-VM GitHub page.

Install Lima-VM with Homebrew

Open your terminal. Install Lima and Docker using Homebrew by running:

brew install lima docker

This command installs both Lima-VM and Docker, setting up your system for running Docker containers within a Lima-VM instance.

Download docker.yaml

From example,

curl -O https://raw.githubusercontent.com/lima-vm/lima/master/examples/docker.yaml

Start Lima Virtual Machine

Once you have the docker.yaml file, you can start the Lima virtual machine with the following command:

limactl start ./docker.yaml

This command tells Lima to start a virtual machine using the configuration specified in docker.yaml.

Login to the Lima VM Shell

To interact with the Docker environment running inside your Lima-VM, use:

limactl shell docker

This command opens a shell session inside the Lima virtual machine where Docker is running.

By following these steps, you’ll have a functional Docker environment running inside Lima-VM on your system, suitable for containerized application development and testing.